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Scholarships Awarded in 2019-2020

During the 2019-2020 school year, we donated $14,377.00 to Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) in Lahore, Pakistan, to be used to award scholarships to women students. We are happy to share below the names of nine scholarship recipients. To read individual testimonials, please click on the names.

Mishal Anwar

"In today’s world education is the only important thing which can help not only me but my society as well to grow in a much better and positive way. I want to serve my society and support my family and for that education is important for me.

I enrolled in FCCU for multiple reasons. FCCU is an institute where you get to learn about coping with people from diverse backgrounds. FCCU has a reputable name in market as it provides the best standard of education and for that it is renowned around the world. . . . 

"I am currently pursuing a degree in Mass Communication. I want to become a journalist as I believe that I possess the quality of expressing myself without having any fear of being a minority. I am an honest and hard worker. I want to serve my society first and then represent the name of my institute on international platforms. I also have the quality of expressing my point of view in front of different people and for that again I would love to thank FCCU as it has given me this confidence. Thank you!"

Maham Fatima


"Education is very important for me because I want to become an independent woman, who is not dependent on others for her needs. I want to be an educated individual, so that I can contribute towards the progress of our society in some way. 

I choose FCCU because it is a very well-known institution. My decision was also influenced by the fact that some of my family members are also Formanites and they always appreciated the diverse culture of FCCU. We are receiving American style education which is a very unique and attractive thing about FCCU. . . . 

"Currently I am doing my Bachelors in Economics and Political Science.  After my studies I want to go into the public sector. I want to become a CSS officer and serve my country and people. Other than that, I want to carry out some social work for the education and security of girls, and of children like myself who are left alone in the world without their caretakers."

Baseera Imdad


"For me, education is not only important for earning livelihood but it also helps in building a better version of a person. It improves knowledge, skills and develops the personality and attitude of people. It is education that provides us with the skills to use our talents to their maximum potential.

I chose FCCU because it has a prestigious reputation in Pakistan. It is one of the oldest legacy institutions in Pakistan. FCCU provides its students with a lot of career opportunities. It has a lot of other facilities for students like library, sports center, health services, counselling center and others. . . .

"FCCU is helping me in achieving my goals by supporting me financially and providing me with quality education. I am grateful for this scholarship support and I thank the donors for their generosity. I would not have been able to study here without this financial help.

"The ultimate goal of my life is to not only to become an educated member of our community but also to work for change and betterment of this society. Only education can help our society in progressing. Also I am determined to give the best of me to FCCU. 

Currently, I am completing my Baccalaureate in Psychology. In the future I plan to help others and serve my community through counselling and therapy. I hope I can make a worthwhile difference in people’s lives."

Maham Fatima
Mishal Anwar
Baseera Imdad
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